What people are saying about Frankies NY Pizza

Reviewed June 25, 2013

All pizza is not good pizza. If you’re satisfied with Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, or any of the standard delivery joints, you’re going to be satisfied with just about anything. But, if you are a pizza snob like me who is offended by bad crust and/or sauce, you’re going to be more particular.

Frankie’s NY Pizza is new to the Eastside of Greenville, but it’s already far and away the best on this side of town. The crust is perfect, the sauce has flavor, and the toppings are great. What’s more, Frankie’s delivers on the Eastside, which is a godsend for those of us who were stuck with some of the other delivery outlets over here.


28 thoughts on “What people are saying about Frankies NY Pizza

  1. This review was posted on Urban Spoon by Ryan:

    I am a pizza connoisseur.. I love pizza… since I moved to Grenville 1 year ago, I have yet to find a pizza joint that comes close to anything that I would deem authentic.. Until now!
    The pizza is amazing!! I have had pizza all over this town and this is the best I have had by far. We have ordered from Frankie’s the past 2 nights! Very fresh ingredients, you can taste the tomatoes and garlic in the sauce. Crust is perfect, and the owner has been slapping out pies since he was 15… you know these guys knows what he is doing! They make monster pizzas too! You will have trouble getting their XL through your front door!
    My fiance’ ordered the Philly… these guys really have something going on here. The bread they use is made locally and you can tell. Crunchy outside, soft bread on the inside, tomato and lettuce on the bottom (keeps the sandwich from becoming a mess) and provolone (you can choose your cheese of choice) melts it all together. The meat is apparently imported directly from Philadelphia according to their brochure.
    Overall it was a great experience. The people that work there and the owner are very friendly and make you feel at home. Which might not make a big difference to some people, but to me… it means a lot!
    I almost forgot the meatballs…. I feel as if I am not being fair by not criticizing this establishment enough in this review… but thus far there is no criticism necessary… The meatballs… what can I say? They were freaking awesome!!!! They are the size of a baseball covered in their homemade marinara, and juicy. I did not need a knife to cut into them! I used a plastic fork!
    Only thing I wished was that they served beer so I could drink a pitcher with my pie and watch some sports center on their TV. Awesome place Frankie! Glad to have y’all in the Greenville/Greer area!

  2. I’m a pizza snob. I lived in the Cherrydale area of Greenville for 11 years and liked Tito’s a lot. When I moved to the Eastside, I had a hard time finding good NY-style pizza. We ordered Bertolo’s a lot (and it’s not bad). But last night I discovered Frankie’s NY Pizza delivers, and it is the real deal. Fair prices, great pie, and quick delivery. There are a ton of pizza places over here, but this is the real deal. Thank goodness.

  3. This place is the best NY style pizza in the area. I’m from NY and have tried for years to find a good place to eat. These guys do it right. Amazing food, friendly atmosphere and great prices. And they deliver! Try this place

  4. Came down to visit family, if anyone wants a true taste of what NY pizza is, this place is a must go. Fantastic pizza, friendly workers, Soprano pictures on the wall what more could you ask for. Whenever I come back will definitely be going to Frankie’s!!!

  5. Just got our pizza and it is really, really over cooked- the bottom side is almost solid black. I’m not going to blast this on Facebook or Yelp, because I’ve heard nothing but good things, but we were really disappointed, as the charred crust was the only thing we could taste.

    • I am really sorry we failed you and would really appreciate a second chance. Please supply me with your name and would like to give you a 16″ pizza on me.
      Again sorry for the inconvenience.

  6. Been living in Greer for 4 years and never found a pizza place I really liked. I was cynical that Frankiez would be any good because of my past experience with other local pizza diners but I was surprised, almost everything was perfect on their pizza, the texture, flavor, and smell were very alluring and guaranteed I would be a returning customer. Then I started looking at their menu and was surprised by the amount of items they had, most pizza places didn’t have such a variety of dinner choices. Best pizza in greer and other top notch food items for when I want something else. I hope they live long and prosper because there is no replacement for them.

  7. Frankies is EXCELLENT! They are right down the street form where I work and I do my best to stop in atleast twice a week for their Pizza & Greek Salad lunch combo. Great service, great food and a nice atmosphere. What more could you want?

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  9. It’s been said that all pizza in Greenville is equally good…FUGETABOUTIT!!! My wife and I are from Northern New Jersey just outside of New York City…We both grew up eating the finest New York pizza which is said by most, to be the best in the entire world…We are both here to say that Frankie’s NY Pizza is one of the best pizzas we’ve ever had…Frank Fatigati is the owner and a goodfella (no pun intended). The restaurant is very clean and has a friendly and interesting atmosphere…The walls are quite interesting as they are covered in Soprano’s, music and sports memorabilia that adds to the splendor of the meal.
    Long story short, if you want authentic New York pizza as well as a delicious Philly Cheese steak and much more, go to Frankie’s! Great food, friendly atmosphere and a wonderful place to bring family, friends, co-workers etc.
    David & Arielle Lindner

  10. Frankies has great menu, great Customer Service , Very wonderful delivery man… I have ordered from before.. would like to see something a bit different when eating the Billy The Bull… we ordered Sicilian, so it was a huge pizza! smile.. would like to have seen more cheese.. i guess i could have ordered extra cheese.. we did not enjoy the look of the sliced meatball meat or sliced sausage meat on top of the pizza.. it was not very appealing.. by the time i picked off all of that … i didn’t have a lot left.. other than the ham and pineapple i had added to the order… I guess I am not use to NY style pizza’s.. However, we have had The Jenny before and enjoyed it very much.. I just thought you might want to know.. I am not sure if it really bothers others who are use to seeing that kind of sliced meatball and sliced sausage.. I would like to see your business do very well.. so thank you for the opportunity to leave feedback..and thank you for your business in our community.

  11. Susie: I appreciate your comments & input. I am disappointed that you were not happy with our way of preparing our house made meatballs & sausage. We are a traditional NY pizza place and that’s the way I learned 38 years ago. Since then, the corporations have evolved the industry to be more efficient and quicker to serve. In doing that, they have replaced house made products such as meatballs with frozen ones. Sausage is now sold in bulk so there is no casing and ultimately cheaper. I will not lower my standards and use these products. We make over 200 pounds of meatballs a week and hand roll every one. The sausage is imported from New Jersey. I understand I cant please everyone but I still try.
    So, with all this being said, I hope you will still stop by and try something else & I personally hope you enjoy it!

  12. I just picked up a Frankie Junior (white pizza) for myself and a co-worker for lunch. YUM!! It was so good – you can tell the dough isn’t frozen, it had big blobs of ricotta, everything tasted FRESH. We’ll definitely be ordering again, and looking forward to trying other things on the menu!

  13. Hands down, the best pizza in Greenville. Frankie and his crew make you feel like family when you’re there! A must try if you are in Greenville!

  14. the pizza was very good, the ingredients were genuine and the staff was amazing. I highly reccommend that you check out this restaurant.

  15. We are from NY and when we moved to Greenville we were SO disappointed with the choices of pizza. Thank God for Frankie!!!! We love the pizza! ❤

  16. I’ll keep this short and sweet. If you live in greenville/greer area and do not order pizza from Frankies you’re missing out let me tell you. These guys have the best pizza i’ve had in SC by far, and they have more to offer than just pizza.. try their wings or garlic knots. these guys don’t screw around. If you think mellow mushroom or bricks is good i’m sorry for you…

  17. Holy sweet baby Jesus! What can I say?!?
    We’ve been here for 6 years… from north east PA and north Jersey. Spent the entire 6 six years searching for the perfect pie, zeppoles and a good cheese steak.
    We literally left your place ten minutes ago and we are currently in a nostalgic food coma. We are thrilled, couldn’t be happier with the experience. Your staff was awesome!
    Everything was legit. And damn delicious!
    The garlic knots were perfect, the cheesesteak was like nothing I’ve had since we moved here; it’s that bread! Crunchy outside, soft inside…
    pie was on point, with the perfect crust and grease run off… zeppoles—lord have mercy!!!!!–I was reminded of my first zeppole; given to me in a paper bag loaded with powdered sugar, from a street vendor in manhattan. We will absolutely be back!!!
    THANK YOU!!!!!

    You go, Frankie, you go!

  18. you guys are amazing!!! your brought back a piece of home to me! I am so happy I found you!!!! keep up the great work!!!


  20. We’re from Lon-Gisland (Lindenhurst and Holbrook) and yours is the best pizza around.
    I gotta question for ya; how come no menu on your web site?

  21. The first time had Frankie’s 🍕, it was lunch time and I bought 2 slices of chz pizza…..it was great. Spent 5 bucks …
    Good deal…..sooo, 1 week later I want after work on a Thursday afternoon about 3:30ish. I got the special, a pizza pie with chx wings and A hoagie. 26 bucks. (horrible) the pram and chz breaded wings were burned and no flavor, the hoagie was hard at the ends and the pizza was none like the first. I love 27 miles from work so it’s not like I could take it back so I was REALLY disappointed. I don’t think I want to spend my money here again….too many pizza joints out there.

  22. Frankie’s Pizza is the best pizza down here in South Carolina. We moved down here four years ago from Long Island and we really had no authentic pizza places to turn to. That is until we discovered Frankie’s pizza and we fell in love with the first bite. They have a great calzone and pizza, some of the best we’ve ever had. I’d eat pretty much anything on their menu, especially the canolis and tiramisu; I have a bit of a sweet tooth! My favorite menu item is the cheese calzone, and I’ve gotten that most times or I get some slices of pizza. Sadly though Frankie’s is not perfect, and I’ve experienced some lesser quality things seemingly since they opened the new place. Firstly, even before the new location opened up, Frankie’s does not sell specialty slices. I think this is a terrible missed opportunity, and I have seen plenty of fantastic pizza places in New York perform this practice yet Frankie’s, authentic as it is, does not do this. It’s also frustrating to not see any pizzas on display, it would add to the atmosphere and entice people to get those pizzas which are admittedly expensive. The next unfortunate thing is the lack of friendliness my friend and I experienced the last time we went. We asked for our orders separately, me two slices of pizza and a small cheese calzone and my friend two slices of extra cheesy pizza and zeppolis. The cashier seemed frustrated by this for some reason, especially when my friend wanted to pay in cash. It wasn’t like the place was busy or anything, as we were the only two in there. Then when I asked for some more marinara (which btw is really small especially for the calzone, way too small if you ask me) the cashier gave me some kind of look like ‘ugh’. Sorry that you give me a tiny teaspoon of marinara for my admittedly giant small calzone, also I’d like some marinara for my pizza too man, jeez. After we placed our orders (we were eating there) none of them talked to us or paid any kind of attention to us. Which is fine I guess, but I remember that when we used to go there it was far more friendlier. We waited for an obscene amount of time for the food, and we didn’t even get it all together. My friend’s zeppolis took an extra 20 minutes to make which were kinda awkward to sit through when our pizza was under-cooked. Which is surprising considering the time we had to wait for it, I mean what were they doing? I guess they spent all that time over-cooking my calzone and burning the outside of it. Of course when we received our zeppolis they were under-cooked which was just disappointing. Sorry guys, I love your stuff, but I feel like you’ve changed and lost your spark. Hopefully you get it back soon, I’d love to come to your place once more, but my friend probably won’t.

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