Frankie’s NY Pizza Five Forks- 864-757-1533 (Batesville Rd Location)

If you love Frankie’s NY Pizza, then you will be pleased to know that we have opened up a second location right here in Five Forks. Now you can have your pizza, pasta, and grinders even faster!

Frankie’s NY Pizza in Five Forks has the same high standards as our original location in Greenville. Our homemade dough is made fresh daily, and we stretch every pizza by hand. You can expect to savor only the best Grande mozzarella cheese and sauce made from San Marzano tomatoes on every slice.

We serve up all of the pizza pies you know and love; like our meat lover’s pizza that we coined as Billy the Bull, the Margherita, and the Cheese Steak. And don’t forget to check out our stuffed shells, manicotti, and calzones! We also serve up salads and antipasta if you are looking for something a little lighter. Our menu has all of your Italian favorites!

Whether you are dining in or calling us for delivery, Frankie’s NY Pizza in Five Forks will have you coming back for more. Open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. through 9 p.m. New hours on Sunday, 12:00pm – 9:00pm.

Call us or stop by today!

109 Batesville Rd.
Simpsonville, SC 29681

Open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. through 9 p.m. New hours on Sunday, 12:00pm – 9:00pm.

15 thoughts on “Frankie’s NY Pizza Five Forks- 864-757-1533 (Batesville Rd Location)

  1. This place is the real deal for all of us “yankees” who live here ! Great Hoagies, Pizza and personality ….welcome to Five Forks Frankie ! Keep up the great job …

  2. We are from Boston and New York….and have been called “pizza snobs” by our Southern born neighbors. It was great to have some good authentic “foldable” pizza. That said, I was so very disapponted to see the little sign on the counter that you offer Greek food! Greek food is also wonderful, but has its place….someplace else! You should give your Italian dishes all the attention and top billing! No need to “cross contaminate” your menu!!!!! SO glad to have you in the area! Good Luck with the store! Lois and Earl

    • Lois; I really appreciate your comments and nice things you say. I nice to people appreciate my hard work & efforts. As far as the “Greek food”, I have to give my customers options. That’s what keeps people coming back multiple times a week. Thanks again!!!

  3. We love Greek food and appreciate the option! We like to order a pizza and a small Greek salad. Please keep the Greek food…add more if you like because we’ll order it.

  4. Thank you for coming to the rescue!!! We are from Rochester and Albany, NY and waited since 1993 for “true” NY style pizza. Your sauce and crust is INCREDIBLE! I can’t wait to try your wings and grinder sandwich!! For anyone who truly appreciates the true authenticity of great Italian food, here is the one and only in Greenville!!!

  5. Great Pizza and italian dishes as well. We are from Binghamton NY. So happy to finally get a taste of home, here at Frankie’s. ..

  6. Can’t beat people who leaned to make pizza in Huntington NY. The pizza has the right blend of a tasty sauce, an even layer of cheese, spices, enough oil to turn your hands a bit orange, and a very edible thin crust with just enough crunch. I had two plain slices for evaluation purposes and then ordered up one more. The place is clean, has a relaxed atmosphere, and the pricing was right. I will go for a medium pie next time.

  7. I have been here in the South for over 8 years and have been disgusted as to what passes for pizza… Growing up ten minutes from the famous Sally’s and Pepes Apizza of Wooster Street in New Haven, Connecticut has made me quite the snob when it comes to pizza. Then a co-worker brought in a pie from Frankie’s and I am now the void in my life has been filled and I can finally call the South my home.
    Thanks guys!

    • Dave; Thank you for the great, positive review! I do have one thing to add. Everyone who has lived in the New Haven, CT area, as did I, knows that you cant like both! Either you a Pepes or Sally’s. Its one or the other, LOL. I guess though now it doesn’t matter as I heard Sally’s finally closed their doors. Sad to hear. But anyway, thanks again!

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